The Tyrant Army - Intro

2008-11-28 06:04:54 by ShadyTyrant

It was dusk and the smell of war was lingering in the air. A tall muscular man stood on a wooden platform over looking his soldiers. The men were well trained in the art of combat and stood at attention on there commanders orders. The commander who stood on the platform was dressed in a long black hooded robe with the insignia of his army on his chest. His face was torn, the left side was mostly an open skull, and the right was burned and scorched. Though his red eyes shown brightly from within the hood. He gazed upon his men in deep thought. Some were young some were old, but they were all ready to fight and die for his cause. They were going to take over the city of Lorx and make it there own, but the Lorx army would not be taken with out a fight. His men were all well equipped with armor and weapons of all sorts. Swords, spears, bows, and more. There armor baring there colors of black and red. He finished his thoughts and collected himself before speaking to the soldiers. His voiced boomed like it was being shouted threw a cave " We have stalked our enemy's for weeks, watching there every move and calculating our next. Finally the night of attack is upon us and our enemy will crumble under our power! " The crowd cheered at his words. He waited for the cheers to quite and spoke once more. " At midnight tonight we will strike and take over our own city. The Tyrant Army will rule there own land with an iron fist! No longer will we be outcasts forced to travel far and wide searching for our next meal. The Tyrants shall rule all!!! "
With his final words he stepped down from the platform and sounded the order to march. He lead his army towards a hill that over looked the city of Lorx. When he reached the top he halted and looked down at the city that would soon be his. His soldiers would soon penetrate the giant wall that surrounded the city, and rush the capital building. He could smell victory on his breath and longed for the taste.


Please comment if you liked the intro to the story. I will work on the next part and release it very soon.


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