Things to Flag in Reviews

2008-10-26 17:41:30 by ShadyTyrant

This is just a watered down version of the FAQ. The parts that flagger's should be most interested in.

~Things to flag~

promoting things / Chain letters

Threatening the Author. (ex: Go Die!, I am going to kill you, or something similar)

Flooding the review title or body.
long strings of characters or words with no breaks.
repeating words or phrases over and over.
images made from text and characters .

"BLAM this" or something similar

addressing other user's reviews you didn't agree with.

If I missed anything or you think something is not worth flagging please comment and let me know.


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2008-10-27 18:37:53

here's a couple:

- insulting the author especually w/ no constructive criticism
- chain letters, although that could fall in line with promotion
- threats (e.x. I'm gonna fuckin kill you!!!1)

those are all I can come up with right now. It's pretty cold outside so my brain juice is a bit sluggish. I'll add more if I come across any more obvious ones. Keep spreading the Good Word, dj!

ShadyTyrant responds:

Ah good catch Tails. And the name is Tyrant dick head lulz :)


2008-11-11 10:42:37

Don't make me headbutt you with my ginormous dick head.